Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bulletin Boards 101: Lettering

Kid created and meaningful... check!
I love Bulletin Boards!   These past twenty some years they have been an outlet for my side-lined artistic abilities.  I enjoy creating fun backdrops, cutting out individualized letters, and designing interesting displays to highlight the unique work children do.  This school year has been a true challenge for me and my bulletin board affinity.  Having two little ones at home, returning to the classroom full time (after 16 months of leave), and wading through the tidal wave of change in our teacher evaluation system have created the perfect combination of exhaustion in which bulletin boards have taken a back seat. (Like a third row, fold down back seat!)

Squares cut w/ 1/4 in. boarders
 In the past few weeks I have had to acknowledge that I must take a more functional approach to my bulletin boards, rather than an artistic one.  Yes, I tear up when I say this out loud, but I'll get over it.  (Or so I tell myself!)  One of the hardest things for me to do as I adopt this reformed attitude has been to let go of cutting out my own letters for bulletin board titles.   I have been doing it for years, and I really like the look  and feel they lend to my classroom environment.  

Stack the squares and staple together

After several months of pondering and looking around for a livable short cut, I decided to adapt an idea a friend had shared in which she used enlarged computer fonts for bulletin board lettering,  Her method included  cutting out each letter's outline with a utility knife... great idea, but I don't have time for something that labor intensive.  So the next best thing in my mind?  Bulletin board lettering created with enlarged fonts and cut to proportional squares or rectangles then mounted on coordinated construction paper.  The added bonus of this modified lettering system?... classroom parents and volunteers can help make them and produce a uniform result every time!  Yea

Mount them on wall and your done!


  1. Our principal *requires* that our letters be cut out from pre-made packaged letters or using a die-cutting machine, never by hand. I like your idea, and I'm sure that it would be an acceptable alternative as well! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Montana722! Hope this alternative work for you! It's quick, easy and a lot less expensive than buying packaged letters! I print them out on card stock so they are relatively durable... so there is a little cost incurred there, but still much cheaper than packaged alternative They also provide a bit more variety than you often get with a die-cutting machine. Hope you can use the idea!

  3. Thanks! Great idea!

  4. Great idea, what is the name of the font you use, it's absolutely adorable?

  5. Hi Lisa,
    The font is called CK Spirit (CK Lettering is a scrapbook font made by Creating Keepsakes) I have it on an CD I purchased five or so years ago. But you may be able to find it on their website: www.creatingkeepsakes.com. I hope you find it. If not, they have plenty of other great fonts... many of them are free!

  6. I happened upon this accidentally (was looking for a way to organize and store my letters other than the baggie system I have now) and love the idea of backing the printed letters with construction paper. I back or mount all other work I display, so I do not know why I didn't think of this. Love it (and the website you just gave - I love fun fonts)! Thank you!


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